Falling Hearts

Friday, September 18, 2009

Story Of A Broken Heart (Prologue)

What if finding your true love is easy, But much harder to find him, Is trying to not let go, And when he does go, What are you going to do about it?
That’s what Samantha Green kept thinking to herself after the boy of her dreams left her world. And went into the world that she no longer shares with him. Just because she’s the new girl of the school and everyone finds her…strange, no one thinks they should be together. Of course his friends highly doubt they should be together. They never decided to give her a chance first, and never seem to let Adam make his own decisions! Samantha and Adam secretly dated with no one knowing for three weeks. Until one of Adam’s nosy friends found out and ruined everything that got Adam breaking up with Samantha. Now every time Samantha’s alone all she can think about is him, remember the times they’ve had together, and most of all. She always when no one is around goes to the place where they went to just be alone. It was such a beautiful place to. And the perfect place to watch the sunset, see the waves splash along the shore, and especially having no interruptions whatsoever. But now that Samantha isn’t with him anymore and every time she goes to that specific spot where they hung out. It just feels different. Like the place just isn’t complete without him there. And no matter what she does to make it complete it’s never the same. No one can change anything what she’s always, and always will feel for Adam. Although Samantha just hopes that he still feels the same way to her.