Falling Hearts

Monday, August 2, 2010

Story ideas!

So yes I realize I haven't posted anything in a while. But truthfully I had no idea what to write about. HaHa! :)

Lately I have been writing, and reading. Mostly Nicholas Sparks. I love his work, just reading one chapter of his book and you automatically get sucked in right away! I love it, seriously I wish more authors were like that. Just be able to pull the reader in right off bat and you just can't put the book down. I love books like that.

The Body Finder, and Kissed By An Angel for example. Once I started reading those books I couldn't put them down for a second. I had to know what happened next. Kissed By An Angel is the book that got me in love with reading about angels. Yes, I love reading about angels. They are so interesting to read about. Seriously I just might add an angel...OH MY GOSH I JUST THOUGHT OF A GREAT IDEA FOR ADDING AN ANGEL TO MY SERIES!

Trust me. This idea that I thought of involves drama, love, true loses, and so much more. Holy crap I can't believe this idea came to me. It'll be the perfect way to set all the answers to the questions I snuck in there in the books out there. Perfect.

Anyway. So where was I before I randomly got off track?
Oh yeah, I was just going to say that The Body Finder I couldn't put down. It was amazing, one of my favorites now. And completely a must read more than once book!

Today my best friend and I decided to write a book together. We are going to do it like she write one chapter, and then I write the next. So we switch back and fourth like that. I personally think it'll end up great! Like a P.C & Kristen Cast thing. Two people writing the series togeter. And what better than having two best friens writing the book together? :)