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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have a question to ask you...

Hello everyone.

Sorry for not writing on here in a while. Well it's been months I'm guessing that I've last posted, so sorry. I've been distracted with other things lately. Silly me, getting distracted a lot. Really should stop that.

Seeing a dancing pencil, I'm distracted.

Old man riding a unicorn down a hill through fired rings...well you get the point.

Anyway. I wanted to ask you guys something. This is about novel writing, so if any of you are in the process of writing a novel, or editing or whatever. And you've heard of some really good agents and publishers to talk to about getting you book published. Could you leave a comment on this entry telling me?

I've been going through all these sites about publishing. And first time about it and all of that. But the only problem...they are so dang expensive!

I know, I know. Almost all the publishing sites are expensive and you should expect to pay a lot of money to get your book published. Well I just want a site where I can publish my book that isn't as expensive. But, yes I realize that I will have to pay either way.

My grandma saw in the newspaper about 'Authors Needed'! And it was this contest where you send in your novel and try and get it won first place. So I went to the site and it said 'Site not found' or something like that. So apparently the site doesn't exsist or something happened. Maybe they misspelled something in the site name? Who knows.

So yeah, if any of you guys out there knows a good publishing place I could try out. Please let me know.

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