Falling Hearts

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Drip, Drop, Drip (You)

Drip, drop, drip,
Splashes of rain come down again,
Drip, drop, drip,
Splashes of pain break my heart in two,
Drip, drop, drip,
Splashes of pictures of you come in my mind,

I hate this feeling,
Thinking I’m over you every time your not around,
I hate this feeling,
Thinking you just might like me that day,
I hate this feeling,
Thinking everything between us might turn around,

Drip, drop, drip,
Splashes continue to fall,
Shattering the pain, making it burn deeper,
Shattering every memory of you deeper in my mind,
Splashes continue to come,
Splashing every pain like a knife shoved in your chest,
Splashing every part of my body leaving bruises,

I hate this feeling,
Sometimes I wonder why I even met you,
Why I thought you’d like me back,
Why I had to like you so much,
I hate this feeling,
Why couldn’t I have fallen like this over someone else,
Maybe it would have hurt less to get over them, then you,

Though, maybe it wouldn’t,
Maybe it would hurt just as much,
Maybe it would hurt just the same amount if it were someone else,
Maybe I was lucky to have fallen for you,
Maybe God really wanted me to fall for you,
Maybe you were suppose to be the first one I ever truly liked,
Maybe, just maybe,

Drip, drop, drip,
The rain continues to fall,
I’m drowning in this sorrow,
Drip, drop, drip,
I can’t seem to find an opening to get out,
Drip, drop, drip,
I don’t know where to go from here…

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Seemu said...

good one :)

thanks for the comment on my blog...

i once had a friend named austin (augustine)... but now he is with god...