Falling Hearts

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knowing Something

So this past week I've been asking friends and family to read my first book that I'm trying to get published. Asking what the best publishing sites, and places are. Every one is coming with differnt answers, so I'm looking through each place for the PERFECT place to publish. I know there really isn't such a thing as 'perfect' but at least something very similiar.

While I've been doing that, I also thought of another idea for a single book. This one however has a lot of things that I've gone through in life, my friends have gone through, ect. And truthfully, I honestly think that's what makes a book better. Writing about something in your book/story that you've gone through. That way you don't have to think hard to describe something, it just comes naturally because you've felt it before.

So this is probably the end of this post. I'll post more later, in the mean time. Have a great day/night/morning! :)

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