Falling Hearts

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Your Heart

Chapter 1: A Secret Untold

“Savannah are you awake?” Savannah’s best friend Hope called from downstairs to her as she groaned turning on her other side in bed. It was Saturday, and one o’clock in the evening. Today was finally the day her best friend has been waiting for, and that was the annual class fieldtrip with their school. As Savannah threw her pink and white pillow over her head Hope threw open the door yelling a second time,

“Come on Savannah!” grabbing the pillow from her head throwing it to the floor. Still she wouldn’t get up as she laid there in her bed tiredly, hearing the sound of Hope’s foot stomping on the ground with her hands on hips as she looked down at her. Savannah didn’t even have to look to know that’s what she was doing, they’ve been friends for six years and know practically everything about each other.

“If you don’t get up in three seconds, I’m knocking you off this bed on the floor myself. Don’t pretend I wouldn’t do that you know I would.” She spoke as Savannah heard her footsteps come closer to the bed and grabbing the edges of her sheets, before even making a tug as Savannah hurled herself to a sitting position in a surrender pose.

“I‘m up, I‘m up!” Hope started laughing as Savannah smoothed out her wild wavy brown bed head of hair.

“Well,” Hope started when she finally finished her laughter “,now that I got you up I’ll be waiting out in the kitchen and your bags are in my parents car,” turning to walk out the door. But as she was about to leave Savannah to change and everything she opened the door and turned back around saying “,although if you fall back asleep I’m just going to leave you here while I go to Arizona.” and after that she disappeared through the closed door. Yawning quietly Savannah walked over to her closet grabbing a pair of her favorite long denim jeans, and light blue t-shirt along with her pink and purple converse shoes, she walked into the bathroom.

Five minutes later as Savannah finished getting dressed, brushing her teeth then running the comb through her wild hair a few times. Finally her hair looked normal and not like she had just woke up or anything. Smiling in the mirror walking out of the bathroom back to her room over to the little dresser with her clock, and phone charging together. Grabbing the phone checking the time. Still got twenty minutes until they’ve got to be to the school to go. Hope called out to her once more to hurry up from the kitchen as Savannah smiled letting a little giggle escape her lips stuffing her phone in her pocket and walking out to join the others. Seeing Hope with her hair straightened, black shirt that had one of her favorite vampires on the cover. No surprise from how much in love with them she was, long blue jeans, and purple converse shoes. Hope’s parents were waiting outside in the car as Savannah walked over to give her mother a quick hug who was sitting across from Hope at the kitchen table smiling up at Savannah as she pulled away. Before Savannah could tell Hope something, she was already out the door to the car, rolling her eyes at her friend as she said bye to everyone and out the door.

“Savannah, Hope! Over here!” Damien called from the school gym once he spotted them walk in. Damien was there other close friend, Savannah doesn’t really know him as much as Hope does. But she’s at least known him for four years and gotten to be close good friends, he’s really one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. And from Savannah’s point of view also kind of cute with his longish blonde hair that went down past his ears and stop, super skinny jeans he always wears, with a yellow t-shirt. But mostly what made Savannah think he was cute was his incredible blue eyes, with the way he looks at someone no matter who it is he would give them his full attention when they were talking or saying something to him.

“Oh Damien I never got to ask, who are you rooming with for the trip?” Savannah heard her voice blurt out as he looked at her making eye contact.

“Chase Orlando, that new French transfer student that just got here three months ago.”

“I didn’t think he was coming on the trip?” Hope asked joining into the conversation as more people filed into the gym setting their stuff down. Savannah made sure her bags and Hope’s were right next to Damien’s like they were before. Hearing a teacher speak as everyone dropped silent. Savannah turned around to see who it was, Mrs. Brown the school principal was standing in front of the gym doors as everyone looked to her. Mrs. Brown’s started to speak as Damien tapped Savannah on the shoulder lightly as she turned around to look at him, whispering in her ear he said,

“I need to tell you something soon, okay?” leaning back a little so he could see her face as she nodded and he smiled shyly back. Savannah almost got lost in his incredible blue eyes when suddenly Hope nudged both of them out of it as she said,

“Come on guys everyone is heading with their bags to the bus, let’s go!” grabbing her bags Savannah and Damien watched Hope practically skip out of the gym happily. Laughing as Savannah leaned down to take her bags when she pulled back up to walk with Damien someone ran into her as he turned around to face her,

“Oh snap, sorry” Savannah didn’t get a chance to say anything back as he walked away quickly out the gym doors as she started walking with Damien by her side.

“You ok,” she nodded looking to the ground as he spoke again “how about we get two seats by each other so I can tell you what I need to tell you?” Savannah slowed her pace as they got out in the warm sunny California day light in January. Nodding to him as the buses started to pull up in front of them and getting bags stuffed inside where students were crammed together to get good seats by their friends.

“Let’s go to that bus,” Damien pointed to one of the buses parked in front which every one seemed to be avoiding. They always seemed to choose the last buses as Savannah and her friends choice the complete opposite. No one was on the bus yet as Savannah and him got on sticking their bags up top over their seats in the way back. Damien choice to sit on the end facing the aisle as Savannah choice the window. More people got on the bus in the front now as it was almost time to go, Savannah took her phone from her pocket checking the time. 2:28. Only two minutes till take off, as she stuffed her phone in her pocket again and sat back watching everyone else get on. Their bus never really got too crowded as the bus driver got on sitting in his seat putting the keys in.

“Savannah,” Damien started to say but getting interrupted by one of their counselors calling attention. It was someone’s parent Savannah knew that from the look of him as he started telling them the rules. As the bus started up and moving on the road Savannah suddenly felt Damien tense up, telling he was nervous about something. She looked at him curiously whispering to him,

“Damien, are you ok?” he looked at her and into her eyes as she almost got lost in his again as Damien whispered back,

“I’ll tell you later,” nodding to him as they turned their attention back to the counselor again who was half way through the rules. Suddenly Savannah’s eyelids became heavy as she slowly drifted off into a short sleep.

After what felt like three hours Savannah started to feel a soft hand on her right cheek as she tiredly opened her eyes. Trying to open her eyes all the way realizing her head was resting on Damien’s shoulder. Removing her head from his shoulder as her hand flew up to her forehead,

“How long was I out?” asking as she looked to Damien who just smiled back at her letting out a little chuckle,

“Just about two hours.” Savannah rested against the back of the seat as she closed her eyes again,

“You know you talk in your sleep.” Savannah’s eyes shot open again sitting up and looking straight at him,

“What exactly did I say?” Damien chuckled again as she asked,


“No, not at all.”

“Then what did you hear me say exactly?”

“Well at first you said my name,”

“That’s it?”

“Was I in your dream?” asking with a funny grin on his face. If Savannah would stop forgetting half her dreams she’d tell him if he was or not. Now that she thought about it Damien has been in a lot of her dreams lately. Damien looked at her waiting for an answer as she replied honestly,

“I don’t really remember my dream,” was she starting to like him now?

“Okay,” Damien looked down suddenly serious like before they got on the bus at the school “Savannah, about what I was meaning to tell you,”

“Sure Damien, what is it?”

“Well, I was actually,”

“First stop! Everyone get off for a restroom break!” the counselor called as the bus rumbled to a stop near a small gift shop and food stands. As Savannah started to get up she heard Damien mumble to himself,

“Every time this happens.”

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Utterly amazing! I love it!