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Monday, July 5, 2010

You're The One

Author Note: This is part of my book I am working on. Well actually more of the sequel to the first book. So tell me what you think of this first part of the story. (Hint: The Feeling when mentioned in the story is kind of like imprinting in other words. However I thought about changing the name to make it sound different. Though The Feeling is a little more different than imprinting. ENJOY!

The next morning Savannah woke in her hospital bed with a terrible headache. She couldn’t remember anything about the whole night that came and went. All she could remember was Logan, and nothing else, but then why does she have a feeling that she should know something about him? Why does she have this strange random headache as she awoke with the sun going through the curtained up windows from across the room at her. Something about someone was banging its way into her head, but whom? They were familiar, she knew that. She also knew they were important to her, that she loved them. But if you love someone, wouldn’t you remember them right off bat?
As she continued to think these thoughts through in her head, a knock came from the door. Thanks to her headache it sounded louder than it should be. Putting her hand on her forehead as the door opened slowly, her eyes were sealed shut as she tried to get her mind cleared. Then a familiar voice came in the room. However at the same time, it wasn’t so familiar. Savannah knew though that they were someone she loved more than anything.
“Savannah, are you feeling any better?” She couldn’t get her voice to come as her eyes stayed sealed tight together. Whoever was in the room must know what is wrong with her. The Feeling was telling her that, but the only problem with The Feeling was that it never gave you a specific answer! They tried asking her the same question again, though still she didn’t reply. Her head pounded harder than it did before, as if whatever was wrong with her was building up bigger inside. As he walked over to her, she could hear his footsteps coming over. Feeling his warm hand touch her shoulder, she squeezed her eyes shut. Refusing to look up at him.
OPEN YOUR EYES SAVANNAH! OPEN. YOUR. EYES. The Feeling screamed the words in her mind as she disobeyed the order. It wasn’t her fault, but felt as though someone was controlling her every movement. It was as if they didn’t want her to look up at them, but she knew exactly who the person was that was in the room with her. The answer couldn’t take a genius with it’s eyes closed to guess that, once you know your true love, you always knew when they are near. But then why does another thought have to come in her head as she thought those words? Something telling her to remember someone else. Another guy that is also just as important. But who?
“Savannah, look at me. Please.” This time she could hear his begging. Savannah tried once again to open her eyes, but they remained shut. What was wrong with her, is someone really trying to control her? Without opening her eyes words starting to come out in a rush. Even if they did sound sketchy once they reached her mouth.
“What’s, happening?”
“You don’t remember anything?” He asked, voice soft but still ordering her to keep talking.
“I, no.”
“Savannah I’m going to help you remember everything you need to know. Okay?”
“Okay.” She said back, eyes still closed tightly. Without another word she felt his lips on hers. Sparks began to fly as he let go of her lips, it only lasted for a second. Although to her, it felt like forever has just gone by in a blink of an eye.
At that moment she finally got enough strength to open her eyes. It took only a short second to adjust to the lighting and everything around her. Which wasn’t really necessary considering all she noticed was him looking back at her, a smile curling up on his lips as she smiled back. Something else was missing from her mind all of a sudden, something important. Savannah couldn’t figure out what it was, and at the same time she didn’t seem to care either. All she cares about was him and what happened the night before that got her here today.

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